Reveals the power of a model that combines business discipline with compassion.

- MUHAMMAD YUNUS, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, founder, Grameen Bank


A must-read for anyone interested in leadership, service, and the building of institutions that release the best energies of the human spirit.

- JACQUELINE NOVOGRATZ, founder and CEO, Acumen Fund


Aravind may be a case study for MBA students and a model social business, but to me this book told a STORY with elegance, clarity, and intimacy.

- FRED DE SAM LAZARO, Correspondent, PBS NewsHour

100% of Author Royalties are being gifted to Aravind’s sight-restoring work


About the Book

About the Authors

WHEN A CRIPPLING DISEASE shattered his lifelong ambition, Dr. G. Venkataswamy (known to many as Dr. V) chose an impossible new dream: to cure the world of blindness. The tiny clinic he founded in India defied conventional business logic and is now the largest provider of eye care on the planet. At Aravind, patients choose whether to pay or not. Millions are treated for free, yet the organization remains stunningly self-reliant. Treating everyone from penniless farmers to the president, it delivers world-class outcomes at less than a hundredth of what similar services cost providers in advanced nations. Its baffling business model is now being emulated in hundreds of organizations everywhere from Rwanda to San Francisco.

INFINITE VISION uncovers the radical principles behind Aravind’s baffling success. Charged with profound insights and stories, it draws readers to the heart of Dr. V’s selfless vision, proving how choices that seem quixotic can, when executed with compassion and integrity, yield incredible results. RESULTS THAT LIGHT THE EYES OF MILLIONS.


Pavithra K. Mehta is an award-winning filmmaker and writer. She is drawn to the intersection of story-telling with service, and has been collecting stories at Aravind ever since childhood.
Suchitra Shenoy was a founding member of the Inclusive Markets team at the Monitor Group. She is deeply interested in issues of healthcare, education and financial services for the poor.

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This thought-provoking story of Dr. V and the Aravind Eye Care System should be required reading for current and future business and charity leaders. Only by breaking down the false separation between business practices and community needs will our societies prosper.

- DR. PAMELA HARTIGAN, Author, The Power of Unreasonable People

If you aspire to combine entrepreneurship and innovation with higher life purpose then there can be no better guide than Infinite Vision and the life of Doctor V. But beware. Once ensnared it will be impossible to escape!”

TIM BROWN, CEO, IDEO, Author of Change By Design

Rich with lessons that come to life through the vivid personalities of Aravind’s torchbearers — their insights on leadership and management forge a path forward for the social as well as corporate sectors. An important and compelling read.”

- V. KASTURI RANGAN, Co-chair of The HBS Social Enterprise Initiative

A stirring account of how one man’s faith and pragmatism healed millions. Infinite Vision is a powerful reminder that any of us can overcome the most severe of obstacles, and rise to unparalleled heights of spiritual and practical achievement.

- HUSTON SMITH, Author, “The World’s Religions

Infinite Vision offers a lucid and moving account of the Aravind story, while detailing its greatest lesson to the world: Compassion, when focused with clear goals, thoughtful strategies and sound management practices, can yield incredible results.

- STEVE HILTON, President and CEO, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

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